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With your donation for one of our projects or as a regular donor, you support our work financially.


Become the godfather of an „anteater date“ or give away the planting of a tropical forest tree. In recognition of your adoption, you will receive a special individual certificate, in the name of your choice, and a tax donation receipt for tax records.

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Become a part of Tropica Verde and help to co-create, with your voting right at the general assembly.


The result of our work we owe espacially the voluntary commitment of many supporters.


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TROPICA VERDE is recognized as a non-profit association.            Donations and membership fees are tax deductible.

Through activities involving environmental education and public engagement, TROPICA VERDE informs on the importance of tropical forests for mankind and nature. The aim is to increase general awareness about the consequences of the destruction of this unique habitat and to present possible courses of action which we all can take. In addition, by supporting local cooperation partners in Costa Rica, TROPICA VERDE itself participates in specific projects related to nature conservation and the protection of species.

TROPICA VERDE Members and its Board and Committee all work in a voluntary capacity.

We would be very pleased if you could support the commitment of TROPICA VERDE by your membership, by assuming an adoption, or by making a donation.

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