Association for the Protection of
Tropical Habitats,
Biological Diversity and
Endangered Species

Protecting the tropical rainforests means keeping alive diversity, improving living conditions and promoting sustainability.

Conservation of rainforests in Baja Talamanca


Protection of regional biodiversity by maintaining coherent forest areas.
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Reforestation on the peninsula Nicoya


Securing the supply of drinking water and protecting biodiversity through reforestation of past pastures.
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Forest and species protection in the breeding grounds of the soldier’s aras

Forest protection through regular patrols in the Maquenque protected area

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Environmental education in Germany

Regional, nationwide and international actions are organized and coordinatedthe by the information office in the eco-house in Frankfurt am Main.
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Environamental education in Costa Rica

The success of environmental and conservation projects in Costa Rica depends crucially on the commitment of the growing generation.
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